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Myanmar, a country where people meet God

Tour with Japanese Psychic Reina Iida
Journey to the Success of Aung Chan Thar Pagoda

From Yangon
3 days/2 nights

Scheduled date: To be determined

A Japanese spiritualist practicing in Myanmar, a spiritual country Pagoda in Myanmar, a spiritual country.

Those who wish may receive a free evaluation and consultation.


Reina Iida Profile

Spiritualist and Shaman

Former culture instructor at the Yomiuri Cultural Center

Formerly participated in the Akasaka Prince Hotel
New Year's event for 8 consecutive years

Appeared on TV Asahi's "Tonight

Blog : The Adventures of Leila and Susie in Ryukoku

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A Buddhist country with rich nature and long-standing multi-ethnic culture

In Myanmar, many temples (pagodas) have been built.

All of them are inhabited by gods, and deep prayers are offered at each site.

In Myanmar, there is a spiritualist who is called a "God-man.

There is a Japanese spiritualist who trained under the late Sayagyi U Shein.

Aung Chan Tha Pagoda means "Pagoda of Success".

It is said to be a Pagoda of Happiness, built to break the curse of the past that all human beings have and to lead them to success.

Reina Iida inherited all the techniques from the late Sayagyi U Shein and succeeded him as his disciple.

This is a tour to visit the pagoda with Ms. Reina Iida.

We have prepared a special plan to surprise you with a personalized evaluation of each person.

The appraisal is free of charge.
Please make a donation to God.

The world of the gods is not something that Japanese people are familiar with, and you may think that it is imaginary. 
But if we can understand that they actually exist and that they watch over us and guide us strongly.
If we can understand that they actually exist, and that they watch over us and guide us strongly the meaning of our life will change dramatically.

This Aung Chan Tha Pagoda is dedicated to the late Reina Iida's great teacher, Sayagyi U Shein.
Sayagyi U Shein, and by the power of the gods with whom she had a deep connection.
Sayagyi U Shein. 

When Sayagyi U Shein was alive, the headquarters was in Yangon.
After his death, Aung Chan Tha Pagoda became the headquarters. 

With the power of the Gods, Reina Iida still practices twice a year. 
Reina Iida is still practicing twice a year to save people who suffer from curses by receiving power from the gods.

Reina Iida is able to save people suffering from curses.

Inside the Pagoda, there is a statue of Buddha who can break curses.
We are very happy to have this mysterious connection and spiritual stories that are usually hard to hear.

Ms. Reina Iida will explain about this mysterious connection and spiritual stories that are usually hard to hear.


[Day 1]

In the morning, you will be picked up from your hotel in Yangon.

Fly to Heho

Drive to Taunggyi by private car 

Lunch in Taunggyi City

After leaving luggage at hotel, visit Aung Chan Tha Pagoda 

Conversation with Dr. Iida and God, fortune-telling/appraisal/consultation (for those who wish)

Stay overnight in Taunggy


Meals:Morning:Breakfast× Lunch:0 Evening:0

[Day 2]

To Aung Chan Tha Pagoda Fortune-telling and appraisal continued

Visit Pindaya Cave Temple, a famous power spot in Shan State

Lunch at Pindaya

To Kalaw, a summer resort on the plateau

Overnight in Kalaw


Meals:Morning:0  Lunch:0  Evening:0


[Day 3]

Morning, transfer to Heho Airport for Yangon by air.

Visit Shwedagon Pagoda, the largest sacred site in Myanmar, and Chawthagyi Pagoda, Sightseeing in Yangon including Aung San Market

Transfer to Yangon Airport or hotel in Yangon

Meals: Breakfast: 0 Lunch 0: Evening x

Sayagyi U Shein

Shaman, healer, and alchemist known as the "Godsman" in the Buddhist-majority country of Myanmar
Born in 1926 - Died in 2014

It is said that from the age of 10, he had been able to tell people's past and future, and had demonstrated magical powers. At the age of 16, he joined the army and was seriously wounded in a war. After that, through various events, he gained healing powers.

He was awarded a doctorate in natural medicine from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in recognition of his successful treatment with Gold-Ash-Powder, a medicine he created over a period of 20 years using Myanmar alchemy.

He has attended three international conferences on traditional healing methods in Germany and Austria.

Established a healing- and training center in Yangon.


Sayagyi U Shein and Reina Iida


One of the Buddha images enshrined inside the pagoda. It is said to be a very powerful Buddha image that belonged to the late master Sayagyi U Shein.


View from Aung Chan Tha Pagoda
Towns near Taunggyi.



A number of Buddha images are enshrined in the pagoda.


This is a picture in the room of the late master Sayagyi U Shein.


The Pindaya Cave Temple with its mysterious legends. The countless Buddha images are overwhelming. There are several merit spots inside the caves, including a sweating Buddha image, where you can make your wishes come true.

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